29 Jun 2018

Creative Writing. 2017 Story Projects

In this section, you will find some of the most creative stories written by our students from 4th to 7th form in 2017. They are the result of a gradual process which begins in the Literature class by reading and analyzing a great variety of tales. The girls learn to identify the main elements that are combined to make up a story, taking into account the distinctive characteristics of its genre. It is only then that students start to write several drafts, putting into practice everything they have learnt in their Use of English and Writing lessons, culminating with these “masterpieces” that the girls produce and are proud to share with the whole school community.

Patricia Pena Koessler de Giussani
Literature Teacher

A shout in the night – 4th form A

The spies school – 4th form B

The Water and the Land – 5th form A

Let’s protect and respect animals! – 5th form B

A treacherous friend – 6th form A

A voyage in a hot air balloon – 6th form A

A voyage to Candy Cash – 6th form A

The big storm – 6th form A

Behind the screen – 7th form A

Charlotta and her dream – 7th form A

Dreams get weird – 7th form A

The silver flower – 7th form B