20 Oct 2022

6th and 7th Form concerts: “Turning Red”

“Turning Red” follows 13-year-old Mei, a straight-A student who spends her free time helping her parents run a temple built to honour their Chinese ancestors. But while Mei may look like the perfect daughter, she has interests of her own, like any teenager.

After one particularly turbulent day, Mei wakes up and discovers that she has transformed into a red panda! Mei soon figures out that her panda is triggered by intense emotions.

Her overprotective mother, Ming, tells her she needs to permanently contain the panda with a magical ritual, which Mei dutifully agrees to.But with the support of her close friends, she starts to see the panda not as a source of embarrassment, but a source of joy.

So Mei begins to wonder if she is able to handle her emotions so she can keep the panda within her.

The show and actresses were amazing, congratulations!